Ethically sourced coffee - Free Shipping over $25.00
Ethically sourced coffee - Free Shipping over $25.00

The Art of Roasting

Raw coffee beans have a fresh “grassy” smell, with little to no taste. 

It’s the roasting process that transforms the beans to unlock all the flavors characteristic of fine coffee.

With a light roast, coffee begins to exhibit it’s “origin flavors".  These are flavors created by the soil, weather conditions, elevation, farming techniques, seasonal influence, harvest, processing methods, and other variables inherent to the crop.

As the roast darkens, the origin flavors become fully expressed, and they are balanced with complimentary flavors created by the roasting process itself.

If the roast is too light, the coffee will taste bitter, acidic and unbalanced.  If the roast is too dark, it becomes difficult to distinguish any of the subtle origin flavors underneath the heavier notes of smoke and carbon.

The art of roasting is finding the “sweet spot” where the culinary potential in the beans is fully revealed.  That‘s our passion and our purpose with every batch.