Ethically sourced coffee - Free Shipping over $25.00
Ethically sourced coffee - Free Shipping over $25.00

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Fresh -Roasted to order- coffee

At PHILOSOCOFFEE, we don't roast our coffee until you place an order to ensure maximum freshness. 


Roast to order Coffee

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The smell is unreal! 4 minutes in the french press and it is legitimate perfect! - Seneca's Bali Blue Moon

Chloe M.

I normally drink pike place from Starbucks or stuff my wife buys but you can definitely tell a difference in freshness and quality. The caffeine content is great too... gets me going!! - Seneca's Bali Blue Moon

Alec K.

It's got a great espresso flavor. It's strong and you dont lose the flavor when brewing. - Socrates' Six Bean Espresso